Friday, October 9, 2015

A Taste of Brittany in Pondicherry-La Creperie

This September marked the opening of La Creperie with its varied menu consisting of crepes and galettes (Savoury crepes) , healthy juices, salads and more. The repertoire of galettes has been influenced from Brittany region in France e.g Cheese and ham, galette chevre (goat cheese) etc apart from traditional sweet crepes like suzette, apple and salted caramel as well juices like the much loved watermelon cucumber and mint mix. 
Go strong and spinachy like Popeye or traditional French with the goat cheese galette "Chevre" .For the chicken lovers there is Supreme with Chicken, spinach, Onion, Cream and Cheese where as the fish lovers can go for "Nordique" with Smoked Fish, Fresh cream and Lime.Veg lovers can be happy as there are plenty of offers apart from Popeye...Italienne , Forestiere, Greek. There is also the traditional "Complete" or "Duo" with Ham.
There is also the arrays of sweet crepes like Apple, Banana Compote, Cinnamon, Apple Caramel beurre Sale (Salted Caramel), Nutella, Banana , Coconut. Traditionalist can go for the Suzette, Nutella or simple butter/Sugar & Sugar/Lemon.
La Creperie is the latest hot spot in Pondicherry. French, Indians and others love the Crepes on the offer.
Conde Nast Traveller Magazine rates it one of the 5 new places in Pondicherry to please your Palate.
Open from 10am–6pm. Ideal for a late lunch, as few places serve lunch past 2pm in the city. Closed on Tuesdays.
Address: La Creperie, ground floor, La Marina Guest House,  56a rue Romain Rolland.pondy -1.
Avg meal for two: 500rs