Friday, January 9, 2015

MangoHill Test Kitchen- Pumpkin‬ ‪Spinach‬ ‪risotto‬ with Basmati Rice‬

This Recipe is a great alternative to Arborio rice which is expensive & difficult to find in India.After receiving your likes we are publishing the recipe.Unfortunately we don't have any original Photos to publish along with this recipe.But Do try it at Home and we assure you a great dish to share with friends , family and loved ones.You can also share the pictures with us,Recipe calls for two servings
You will need.
1) 200gm Pumpkin
2)100gms Spinach
3) Basmati Rice 200gms or 4 Handfuls-soaked in water for atleast 1 hour
4) Parmesan or Gruyere cheese -Cheddar will also do -grated -1 cup
5)Chilli Flakes
6)Fresh Cream -1/2 cup
7)Veg stock
8)Butter or oil (preferably Olive Oil-Extra Virgin)
10)2 bayleaf
11)1/2 cup white wine
12) Fresh basil


-Roast the pumpkin over an oven or tava with little oil and salt/pepper untill cooked.
 Blend the roasted pumpkin in a mixie with water untill smooth paste.
- Fry the spinach until wilted.
- Heat butter or olive oil in a heavy bottomed pan and add two bayleaves and chopped garlic and fry for two minutes.Add the Basmati rice (presoaked) and fry for 1 min.
-add chilli flakes, the blended pumpkin and stir.
-add the veg stock cube untill it mixes. Then add the spinach and white wine.Keep  stirring until the white wine is reduced. Add water 1/2 cup at a time and stir untill water is reduced. Keep adding water untill the rice is cooked.
- Finally add fresh cream,salt to taste and half of the grated cheese and a final dash of water.
(the texture should be like porridge now)
- Serve with the rest of the grated cheese and fresh basil
* you can also use liquid stock instead of water if available. If liquid stock is available refrain from using stock cube in the beginning, 

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